Of chief concern to new consumers of medical marijuana is the quality of the product being provided. The strains that Delshen has sourced come from Maripharm B.V., an ISO 9001 and GMP-certified producer from the Netherlands which developed and provided these same strains in the late 1990s.



We understand that the medical community’s concerns pertaining to medical marijuana, its uses, and how to prescribe it to patients. Our team of medical professionals is here to discuss those concerns and point the medical community towards the large international body of knowledge that already exists regarding the indications that can be treated with medical marijuana and the results as compared with traditional pharmaceuticals.



Delshen represents a unique investment opportunity in a large population of would-be producers of medical marijuana. Be sure to register with us to be kept up to date in our progress as we make our way towards becoming a public company.

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Delshen's Premium Medical Marijuana Program

Building Our Business From The Ground Up

Delshen’s medical marijuana business is engaged in growing, producing, marketing and selling directly to customers its dried medical marijuana using its technical consultants professional and proprietary growing methods and techniques. Delshen’s experts have fifty plus years of growing experience between them.

Boaz Wachtel operates one of only eight licensed producers in Israel and remains a medical marijuana pioneer, having initiated the Medical Grade Cannabis (“MGC”) efforts in Israel in 1996. Marcel de Wit is the Chairman of the non-profit organization – Maripharm B.V. – in the Netherlands, bringing his strains of MGC to Delshen. Three of these strains were granted protection under the Community Plant Variety Office of the European Union, and have already been sold in the Netherlands and Israel for many years and thus have already been successfully tested and produced to pharmaceutical grades. Delshen holds a perpetual exclusive right to produce and sell the de Wit strains in North America. Maripharm is one of only two facilities with GMP and ISO 9001 certified operations in the world.

Coupled with the Company’s expertise is its facility and property in Northern Ontario. Delshen’s facility is 40,000 square feet of indoor growing space with on-property expansion capability on its 800 acre property, a former Ministry of Natural Resources operation. This facility is ideally suited for medical marijuana production and operations given its remoteness, access to power and the pre-existing grow operation facility. The Company’s government‐built facility houses large scale production capability with reduced improvement costs.

Delshen will use some of the existing equipment, buildings and space and will repurpose the overall facility for growing the highest quality marijuana. The facility has an excellent on-site infrastructure including a three phase power substation to provide electricity for growing operations. The Company’s property is extensive and there is sufficient space available for expanding production at minimal additional capital and construction costs.

On-site management personnel are working to repurpose the facility right now.

Current News

Wahgoshig First Nation announces unique community partnership investment with DelShen Therapeutics Innovative agreement between First Nation and developer of state-of-the-art Northern Ontario medical marijuana project

Friday November 27, 1:00 p.m.
Kirkland Lake, Ontario

Wahgoshig First Nation (WFN) and DelShen Therapeutics Corp. (DelShen Therapeutics) today announced that they have signed a first-of-its-kind community benefits agreement that will deliver investment, training and employment benefits to the region… Read more here

About Us

With Health Canada creating new regulations and rethinking medical cannabis, the new Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) are intended to do away with the extensive paper work, patient wait times and unreliable medication being made available. Our mission is to set a global quality standard in the field of medical marijuana products and production, providing patients with a pharmaceutical grade product to ensure optimal health and relief benefits.

At the core of our advantage is our growing expertise and abilities are to provide authorized recipients/patients with the finest grade medical marijuana with a history of usage in Europe, our management team comprised of medical and business professionals, and our state of the art facility in Ontario.

DelShen Therapeutics will support each doctor and medical practitioner by providing detailed product quality information and data, delivering this expectation to its customers for an unparalleled experience.

We are committed to continuous education, research and development in the field of medical marijuana.